Regenerative Songlines Australia – ‘Sustainability, Regeneration and Caring for Country’ – Roundtable Discussion

6:30 pm - 8:00 pm (AEST)
Online (via Zoom)

Please join us for an important discussion about sustainability, regeneration and Caring for Country.

‘Regeneration’ has become the popular framing for initiatives that aim to manage the environment and create systems that support rather than destroy the living world. ‘Regeneration’ is said to be ‘more’ than sustainability, and better able to achieve ecological health and restoration, while still achieving human goals. But is the current ‘regeneration’ trend everything that we need it to be?

Indigenous leaders from ‘Regenerative Songlines Australia’ will share their perspectives and insights into the concepts of sustainability and regeneration, in the context of Indigenous knowledge systems and ancient approaches to Caring for Country.  Our speakers will share insights into the Aboriginal Relationist Ethos, what it means to be guided by Country and First Laws, and share insights into the limitations of current discourse about sustainability and regenerative practices.

Regenerative Songlines Australia is an Indigenous led initiative, working to create continent wide connections, conversations and initiatives that enable people to Care for Country and build regenerative economies and societies.


This roundtable will feature members of the Regen Songlines Steering Group: Mary Graham, Tyson Yunkaporta & Ross Williams

For details about our speakers, please visit the Regen Songlines website: